Myanmar Timber Elephant Project

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We focus not only on the elephants, but their oozies who are their primary carers, trainers and instructors. Oozies and their families may have worked with elephants for generations and are a fantastic source of knowledge of elephant behaviour, traditional and herbal remedies and training techniques. We aim to make life better for the elephants and the people who work and live alongside them.

We welcome donations of equipment (second-hand and new) including:

Elephants can have parasites including stomach worms. We are testing elephants for parasites and investigating the underlying causes of high parasite loads and how they affect elephant health.

One of our main aims is to investigate the causes of low reproductive rates in elephants.

Calf survival
Calves can be involved in accidents, contract infections and are vulnerable if their mothers are in bad condition. We investigate the causes of calf mortality and propose strategies to improve their survival.